An Interview with Jerry Tranzillo, inRange’s Newest Director of Site Development

Stephanie Sanczyk
July 26, 2021

We are overjoyed to welcome Jerry Tranzillo to inRange, joining our team as a Director of Site Development for key New York and New Jersey accounts. He will be responsible for implementing effective project management methodologies, coaching and developing our employees, and creating a culture of proactive communication, efficiency, and problem-solving.

Jerry Trezzino
Jerry Tranzillo, Director of Site Development

This month, we sat down with Jerry to learn more about him, his background, and what brought him to inRange. 

Q: What is your background before joining inRange? 

Before joining inRange, I spent half of my career on the vendor side and the other half as the customer, working with a telecom carrier. Through my time, I realized that both sides of the relationship may look similar, but are very different in practice. 

In addition to site development, I’ve also spent time in site acquisition and construction in the field. I've managed sites as a site acquisition manager and construction manager. I have experience managing site integrations and even performed them in the field. I've led programs end-to-end, from candidate selection to on-air. And I've performed these roles for new builds and modifications as well as with small cells.

I believe my experience on the carrier side, in the front lines of construction, and in a variety of different roles in telecom has allowed me to bring a unique perspective to our customers. I can better understand the "why" behind certain asks, can speak to the ins-and-outs of the construction process, and know what will make the client experience exceptional.

Q: What’s unique about you and your background?  

My special skill is that I have true end-to-end site development experience. I can see the big picture: I understand how the decisions made during the initial phases of the project affect the later stages, such as construction and integration. In any telecom project, the overall process is not serial—there are many other subprocesses that need to be triggered and managed at the appropriate times to ensure sites are delivered to the customer efficiently. Knowing how these other processes interplay (from backhaul, to power, to materials, to scripting) is critical. This is something I am constantly reinforcing with my team. 

Q: Why have you stayed in the telecom industry over the years? 

I truly enjoy telecom and that enjoyment sparks energy and enthusiasm. I've made many contacts over the years through various positions and networking which helps when navigating the telecom terrain. I enjoy problem solving and witnessing programs mature from start to finish. I love technology and the state-of-the-art equipment used by the carriers. There is always something new to learn in telecom!

Q: Why did you choose inRange? 

What’s unique about InRange is that they're all about using data and experience to improve and enhance our customer's experiences. That type of thinking resonates with me, reflecting on the past to improve the future.

Interested in joining the inRange team? We’re always looking for detail-oriented critical thinkers and problem solvers. Explore our job openings now.

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