T-Mobile installs one of the first Layer3 TV antennas in the U.S.

After T-Mobile acquired Layer3 TV, a disruptive alternative to cable and satellite providers, the company wanted to rapidly install the Layer3 TV antenna to various sites in the U.S. T-Mobile selected inRange to lead one of the first deployments.


T Mobile

T-Mobile USA, INC



reduced cycle times for permitting


reduction in construction time

The Challenge

Landmark jurisdiction on radio frequency (RF) in this area required special permitting. HVAC and electrical capacity were insufficient, and backup power was needed, but not permitted, due to zoning regulations. Finally, the landlord was undergoing significant roof work at the time of the project.

The Solution

inRange was able to obtain expedited approvals within three weeks of site assignment. The team also enabled circuit prioritization and was able to extend the backup time to over 24 hours. The inRange engineers designed cooling capacity for maximum efficiency. Finally, RF needs were met without interfering with ongoing roof work.

“We are seeing a big jump in production due the increased visibility and extra drive coming from this team.”