Streamline processes with a single source of truth for project data

Verizon had multiple site development projects happening concurrently. Because project status data and processes were not centralized or well-coordinated, project managers were less efficient which resulted in delays and low productivity.



Verizon Communications



Markets process standardization conducted across


reduction in key cycle times

The Challenge

With over 20 projects happening concurrently, disparate and sometimes conflicting data resulted in missing equipment and poor handoffs. Inaccurate data was due to project managers having to create reports by hand. Distracted project managers and their teams struggled to keep productivity high and delays to a minimum.

The Solution

Using inRange’s approach to project management (people, process, and platform), on-demand reporting gave Verizon decision-makers the visibility to procure required approvals. Accurate data resulted in smoother handoffs, an increase in project completion, and higher productivity. Further Verizon was able to standardize processes across 21 Verizon markets.

“This is a true difference-maker and now gives me the ability to trust the data.” -- Senior Manager, Verizon