Day in the Life of a Construction Manager at inRange

Stephanie Sanczyk
September 20, 2021

A reliable construction manager is key to the success of any construction project. We spoke with John Rockwell to find out why.

Construction manager responsibilities

The primary role of a construction manager (CM) is to direct construction. In other words, John and all construction managers are responsible for the day-to-day management of construction resources. inRange CMs act as the eyes and ears for the client, making sure that construction is completed safely and accurately. They ensure all projects have the right personnel assigned to them and that those people have the appropriate training and experience to complete the work. On any given day, John interfaces with other construction and project managers, the general contractors, and clients to track progress, mitigate issues, and provide clear communication with all project stakeholders.

With every new project, John’s role is important because he ensures constructability in the design. He ensures the appropriate materials and equipment are ordered. He is also responsible for ensuring the job is built correctly and efficiently. 

Construction managers must also be sticklers for safety. They must ensure that general contractors and anyone on site are following best practices. A dedicated safety manager ensures the team stays aware of the latest best practices as well as changes in regulations and certifications.

Secrets to Success as a Construction Manager

To be a successful construction manager, John recommends having a basic understanding of construction materials, construction practices, and the process from start to finish. In his specific job, he says it’s also crucial to have RF-centered construction and equipment knowledge. Being able to resolve problems is a critically important skill as well. “No matter how well it was planned, every project will have issues that need to be resolved,” John said.

Maybe the most important key for success as a construction manager is an orientation toward communication and customer service. Johns says courtesy and respect go a long way. He also recommends shifting your perspective. “View your customer as your teammate and friend,” John said. “Get them what they need to get the job done as soon as possible.”

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