Expediting the New Jersey Site Development Process

Stephanie Sanczyk
June 30, 2021

If you’re involved in deploying 5G across the nation, you know that the world of site development and permitting is complex. Each jurisdiction has their own code, their own ordinances, and their own processes. 

When it comes to telecommunications, New Jersey fits that same description, with its own set of unique processes and nuances. Landlords are savvier and have a deep-rooted understanding of market rates and telecom leases. The variety of topography and historical architecture makes connectivity a challenge. The zoning and permitting process in densely populated areas has a long list of unique needs to be managed thoroughly.

To get On-Air ASAP, you need a reliable and resourceful team that has a deep-rooted understanding and significant experience in navigating through each of the specific challenges in a given jurisdiction. This is where inRange shines.

New Jersey Landlord Partnerships

Now, landlords in New Jersey are experienced with telecommunications and have high expectations for rent payments on their properties. They understand the market and what provisions should be added into telecom lease agreements. At inRange, we've established relationships with a network of friendly landlords and property managers. We’ve created a positive working relationship with local landlords, in which they proactively provide us a list of their properties in their portfolio to market for future telecommunications opportunities. When it comes to finding a reliable landlord partner, we can help get the work done.

Deep Knowledge of New Jersey Zoning Practices

When it comes to New Jersey’s unique historical districts, most new macro sites (and even modifications on existing sites) require a formal zoning process. This process requires the coordination and testimony of a land use attorney, planner, engineer, regulatory experts, and a site acquisition team to ensure the success of obtaining all required approvals. Our team helps you through this complex process. We testify and attest to our findings for any possible alternate candidates, which may either be located within a “permitted zone” or may have existing telecom infrastructure(s) installed. We make recommendations to ensure you have the right team of professionals to guide and direct you through the proper application process, depending on your unique proposed site location(s). 

Understanding of the Topographical Challenges

Our roots are in New Jersey, so we know the environment. We understand the complexities associated with the need for capacity in the most densely populated state and the challenges associated with providing coverage across a mix of topographies spanning various geographical regions. We know what goes into building or updating towers in historic city areas and crowded suburbs. Our years of experience have allowed us to be experts on the details of the municipal codes and ordinances, and that's how we are able to get your projects up and running quickly.

Ready to meet your project management team? Contact us today to learn more about how we can expedite your zoning/permitting process and get you On-Air faster.

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