Telecom Trends to Watch: Broadband and Public Safety

Tom Marciano, Chief Growth Officer
February 15, 2021

In our Telecom Trends to Watch in 2021 series, our team has been taking a critical look at how technology and telecommunications have transformed over the last year. 

The second trend we’ve been keeping our eyes on? Broadband’s move into the public safety sector.

Historically our traditional public safety networks have had many issues when it comes to wireless communications—limited coverage areas, limited reach of networks, and limited funding to build structures that support the connectivity that is needed. As we’ve watched the nation respond to terrorist attacks, shootings, and large-scale events over the last few years, all eyes are now on the holes in this infrastructure.

Carriers are now building services to specifically address the connectivity challenges that first responders face in emergencies. Specifically, we’ve seen AT&T develop one solution with the launch of FirstNet, a high-speed, nation-wide broadband solution specifically for first responders “to get them better information more quickly and help them to make faster and more informed decisions.” AT&T’s efforts are one example of how today’s telecom carriers and others are innovating to solve national public safety communication issues and driving growth for the entire telecom industry.

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