Telecom Trends to Watch in 2021

Tom Marciano, Chief Growth Officer
February 11, 2021

2020 has been a tumultuous year for businesses everywhere. While it has brought rapid growth to the telecom industry, it has also shined the light on major gaps and challenges that will impact how organizations run in the future. 

This month, we’re excited to launch a six-part series where we share the critical trends that have emerged over the last year in telecommunications, technology, and infrastructure and discuss how they will impact your business. 

Trend 1: The Gs keep growing and there’s no sight of slowing down.

The 5th Generation of wireless is here and carriers are now in a race to be the fastest to deploy 5G across the nation. For customers, the move to 5G promises a more reliable wireless network with faster speeds, higher network capacity, increased availability, and a more consistent experience across users and devices. 

While 5G is being deployed, forward-thinking companies are already planning for the impact of the next G on their businesses, cities, and industries. The most innovative businesses realize that as connectivity advances, new products develop, devices change, and customer behaviors transform. The constant growth of technology is forcing organizations to anticipate the needs of their future customers and redesign their business models and services to meet them where they’ll be in the future. Whether it’s virtual reality or artificial intelligence, organizations need to consider all areas technology is transforming and figure out how their business can continuously best deploy and utilize the next generation of wireless communications.

Is your business prepared for the next generation of wireless communications?

Our experts at inRange are here to help. Our team of end-to-end specialists and telecom experts can help you navigate the future to create the right custom solution for your business. Contact us today for more information.

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