Expanding to Florida: Tackling new challenges with local expertise and a best-practice approach

Stephanie Sanczyk
May 11, 2021

The world of telecommunications is one of constant growth. With the demand for data continuously on the rise and the race to 5G sweeping the nation, we’ve seen businesses throughout the industry continue to grow and evolve.

As the industry has grown, so has our team at inRange. Two years ago, our team established our regional Southeast headquarters in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

When it comes to telecommunications, the Florida region has a reputation for being a  unique and challenging market. The region comes with its own nuances and set of hurdles for many telecom organizations: short-term vendors constantly opening and shutting down, tech-savvy landlords with hard-to-meet standards, and a population of seasonal tourists and landowners who are close to impossible to reach. On top of that, the area has very complex zoning and permitting processes, which some call the most difficult in the entire country.

Ron Llamas, Regional Director, inRange

When our Regional Director, Ron Llamas, faced the challenges of this new region, he rolled up his sleeves and dove right in. What has allowed our teams to be successful in Florida? Ron says that it’s the inRange methodology, experience and local market knowledge.

Our approach has allowed us to thrive in this complex market, because we believe in  understanding market-specific regulations and combining those with our best practices and processes. With this lens, we can easily create a custom program for clients that not only meets the distinct needs and timelines of their organization, but also meets all the detailed requirements of  Florida's various markets. We take pride in being local and industry experts and exceeding our clients’ expectations. 

“It’s definitely challenging,” Ron Llamas says when he talks about inRange’s work in Florida, “But we have taken the time to perfect our processes and deeply understand what is required in each of the jurisdictions, so that we can educate our clients on the best ways to approach their unique projects.”

To learn more about our plans in Florida, reach out now.

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