5 Things to Look For in a Telecom Project Management Partner

Steve Liebezeit
April 21, 2021

When it comes to building a new site or upgrading the tower you’re currently on, partnering with a reliable project management firm for your telecommunications project is critical. Through our experience managing telecom projects of every size, we’ve found that these five things that are essential to successfully delivering fast-paced projects. 

5 Things to Look for in a Telecom Project Management Partner

Let's first start with one of the most important aspects of a telecom project: data.

1. Data, data, data

Time and time again we’ve seen companies try to effectively execute on the short, executive-level view of their critical data. With the world of telecom constantly changing, being in lockstep with the details of your data is more important than ever. One-page overviews at a quarterly cadence are not enough. We’ve found that the best program management partners are the ones that are driven by the data in real-time. When our teams have a pulse on goal-oriented data, we’ve been able to make immediate shifts, adjust schedules with agility, and complete projects faster and under budget. 

2. Area expertise

Whether you’re building in a large city or a rural area, partnering with a project management firm that has a deep understanding of the regulations and protocols in your region is critical for a project’s success—especially when you’re working on tight deadlines and short build schedules. Our teams in NYC and Florida take pride in their regional expertise and have found that their deep experience has allowed them to move faster, cut unnecessary corners, and exceed client expectations.

3. Integrated software and technology 

It’s important to understand what kinds of technology your project management firm has integrated into their management processes and how they’re used. We know from experience that the best project management technologies are analytics-focused and proactively identify problems before they strike. For the client, these advanced technologies allow the project management teams to run quicker and leaner by alleviating unnecessary roles on a build. At inRange, we’re proud to be recognized for creating a global standard for this kind of detail-oriented technology.

4. Innovative process management 

The telecom industry is notorious for immediate fire drills and rapid shifts throughout the build and development process. If your project management firm is running your program off of an antiquated spreadsheet, they’re already behind. The most successful PM partners function on tried-and-true processes and tech platforms that allow for detailed accountability—paired with a proactive approach to recognize a problem before it happens. They need technology that both allows them to have a tight grasp on the work that’s being done, down to the task level, and the ability to change the details quickly when opportunities arise. 

5. Transparency

Because the world of telecom moves so quickly, being able to act and react just as fast is essential. To do this, the right teams need the right information at the right time. We believe in a partnership based on transparency, which allows our clients to have access to the data, analytics, and details of the path they’re on throughout the process. Our client partners know what our goals are, how we’re tracking toward them, and where the gaps lie. They get information when it’s happening, not just in the quarterly report out. This transparency allows us to work closely together to shift our plans, react to new information, and jump at opportunities the moment they pop up.

The race to deploy is on and our team of experts are here to help you win. Our program management practice can help keep your projects on track and on budget. Contact us today to talk to our telecommunications experts today about your next project.

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