When Winning Is a Team Sport: Meet Mike Albarano

Stephanie Sanczyk
January 26, 2021

Mike Albarano, the new Regional Vice President for InRange, comes to the company from Empire Telecom (now Qualtek) after over two decades of experience in the telecom industry. During his tenure at bigger companies like Black and Veatch, General Dynamics & MetroPCS to the smaller companies like Wireless Facilities Inc. and Empire, Mike has worked with all wireless technologies to date (including the infancy stages of 5G) and made connections with carriers and vendors alike all over the country in site and business development.

Bringing a team sport mentality to the job

A Pittsburgh, PA area native, he graduated from Penn State in 1999 and he now lives in Ardmore, PA with his wife and four kids–plus a fifth on the way! Mike is active, playing on local softball, basketball, and flag football teams, plus he enjoys baseball and boxing. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree as Mike also coaches three of his son’s baseball teams and two of his football teams. He brings the energy it takes to juggle all these teams to his new team at InRange, where he’s excited about the prospects of expanding the capabilities of the company.

Having been in the industry since the wild west of wireless in the early aughts, before the regulatory environment solidified, Mike knows a thing or two about what it takes for a telecommunications project management company to provide the high level of service that InRange delivers.

Hard is what it takes to get to the next level

With so much experience in the telecom industry, overseeing many types of projects, including site development, “hard” launches like building structures and placing equipment where there is nothing in place to countless overlay projects adding new or replacing existing equipment, Mike is dedicated to making sure that InRange’s quality of service is unparalleled. InRange’s superior methods are a large part of why Mike chose to come to the company in the first place. In his role as Regional Vice President, Mike is focused on further growing InRange’s construction management division, bringing a set of new services to existing clients and future clients. Says Mike:

"The InRange team is hungry. They want to grow, and they want to get to that next level. InRange may be one of the best in the business, but the leadership isn’t resting on their laurels."

Always the athlete and the coach, Mike is focused on winning. He believes that InRange will further secure its lead in the industry. That’s because InRange doesn’t compromise quality for speed yet delivers on time (or early). Integrity makes the company a standout where some of their competitors would bend to a hasty request job. Further, inRange doesn’t shy away from the hard jobs. In fact, he admires that the team is willing to prove their approach and service:

"Just give us a site. Even if it’s your worst site, we’ll go out and perform for you."

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