The inRange Difference: How We Staff and Plan

Stephanie Sanczyk
August 12, 2021

At inRange Solutions, our goal is to be the premier vendor for all turnkey and program management services. Meeting that goal requires a focused and knowledgeable team that is passionate about the overall success of the program. We strongly believe strategically staffing every one of our projects from day one ensures our team consistently delivers faster and more efficiently than the competition. Staffing projects thoughtfully and purposefully allows us to streamline critical processes and reduce the overall path to project execution.

Here’s how we do it:

Every project starts with discovery.
From our initial conversations, our executive team works closely with our clients to deeply understand their business needs and what it takes to be successful. During our discovery, we become part of our client’s team: we set timelines, discuss the level of effort, and give clients a transparent view of what they can expect throughout the process to complete the work.

Each project is assigned strategic Subject-Matter Experts. After the initial discovery, our executive team identifies the level and number of subject-matter experts (SMEs) required to make the project a success. These SMEs have in-depth knowledge of each critical phase in the project—from construction to real estate to zoning and permitting.

Projects are planned down to the task.
Once the team is assembled and hosted a client kick-off call, our project-specific team take the time to build out the project process on paper. Through this exercise, our team of industry and process experts can get a full view into every step of the journey, down to the tactical details. With the right teams and expertise in place, we then can identify the critical path upfront to accurately set overall project timelines and expectations based on industry and intimate market knowledge. Unlike our competition, we document the full process, down to the smallest detail, in a technology platform that allows us to delegate specific tasks, respond to changes in the overall plan without missing a beat, and share status with the client at any time.

Interested in learning more about our process? Contact us today to see how we can help move your project forward!

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