Edwin Gomez on Leading Customer Success

Stephanie Sanczyk
February 10, 2021

As the President/COO and Co-founder of inRange, Edwin Gomez has worn many hats, but one constant has been putting customer success first. inRange’s approach to program management combines process, people, and a technology platform to reduce critical path and expedite program success for their customers. Giving customers access to an executive-level point of contact not only demonstrates inRange’s commitment to service but is also a critical component of inRange’s mission to deliver people-centered experiences.

Customer success requires exemplary people leadership. 

Inevitably issues occur with projects, that’s the nature of the service industry. Rather than getting mired in the problem, the inRange approach is 1) to direct all energy towards finding a solution first and communicate that to customers and 2) anticipate where and when problems might arise through accurate planning, reporting, and experience. 

Customer success is not a one-person mission. The entire inRange staff knows what it takes to be a team player, and they are highly motivated to deliver successful projects. Ed believes that being an effective leader is not always about being the boss and having the final say. It’s about C-level executives leading by example and getting their hands dirty to complete a job, no matter how big or small that job may be.

“It’s not beneath me to print out a USPS label or to get on the phone with a landlord to negotiate a lease. For me, it's about making sure customers are satisfied and that they know everyone in the company cares about their success and is empowered to promptly resolve issues. It’s about giving customers a deep level of comfort knowing that an inRange executive is involved and willing to help the team produce the best results.”

Helping customers see the finish line and the way to get there.

Given the race to build telecommunications infrastructure, customers have to meet deadlines that their corporations have mandated. The customer may also have six or seven initiatives happening at once, various types of build or modifications, in different locations with multiple managers. Getting accurate project status projections and actual completion dates is murky for customers that rely on outdated project management practices from other service providers.

In contrast, inRange delivers a single source of truth for projects by providing a simple, intuitive view of the project objectives, timelines, tasks, and forecasted on-air dates from one place. Ed believes that inRange is changing expectations for how program management should deliver on time, with realistic expectations, by leveraging this highly structured approach.

When other project management providers cut corners to meet customer deadlines, the lack of transparency and consequences can be incredibly frustrating and costly. According to Ed,

“At times, customers may not understand the alarming gaps between major milestones. Ultimately when other firms, or even customers, attempt to claim and actualize certain KPI milestones without either properly meeting the criteria, or having the knowledge to do so successfully, the snowball effect results in large gaps between milestones and ultimately raises red flags with C-level executives reviewing critical path of the program. Our team is committed to ensuring a full understanding and compliance of the statement of work at the commencement of the program, and we address any obstacles for consideration to provide solid project forecasting and trim critical path.”

Hitting customers’ forecasts and deadlines is inRange’s number one priority. With his focus on ensuring customer success, Ed and the team are committed to doing what is necessary to help customers finish strong. 

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