Planning Is the Key to Success: Meet Mike Baroody, inRange Regional Director

Stephanie Sanczyk
December 16, 2020

Mike Baroody joined inRange as a Regional Director having worked at NB&C and AiroSmith with major service providers including T-Mobile and Verizon. Mike lives in Auburn in upstate New York with his wife, two dogs, and two kids. In his free time, Mike loves to ski and play basketball, and is, unexpectedly, a Cowboys fan despite living only half an hour from the Syracuse stadium.

Data is the differentiator

Mike joined InRange as a remote team member just over two months ago to lead operations in the Northeast, specifically Upstate New York and New England. For now, Mike is settling into his new role and spending any spare moment with his 18-month-old baby or on home improvement projects.

To Mike, InRange’s key advantage in the market is that it is a technology and data-driven company. That inRange uses technology and data to accurately forecast project completion dates (with 98% accuracy) and makes reporting transparent is what sets the company apart from competitors.

"The support that the team gives customers is simply outstanding—end-to-end, says Mike. “From the setup and tracking to the project’s release and handover to the client."

And when the process is seamless, people on the ground can turn their attention to serving clients’ needs. This is exactly why InRange has such a great reputation in the industry.

Being strategic is about anticipating issues before they are issues

In the telecom industry, there’s immense pressure to roll out new developments and sites. Sometimes the rush to market results in poor planning on the carrier side, making project management and implementation all the more difficult. InRange combats these challenges with not only a highly specialized and experienced team, but a thorough planning process supported by a robust use of tools.

With this approach, InRange allocates resources strategically, with diligent scheduling, eliminating repetitive manual tasks by better scoping the entire project. All of these advantages make it easier to address any issues on the back end, before they turn into a larger problem. The result, according to Mike, is a quality unparalleled (and much admired) in the industry.

Mike truly believes in InRange’s mission to have every customer to feel like its “only” customer by delivering the highest quality outcome, with the least amount of hassle. Says Mike:

"I always try to put myself in the customer’s shoes and handle as much work as I can on their behalf."

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