Life at inRange: Four Questions with Director of Marketing Stephanie Sanczyk

Stephanie Sanczyk
April 5, 2021

“As our business has been growing over the last few years, one thing has been a constant: our company culture.” Stephanie Sanczyk, inRange’s Director of Marketing,  discusses what life is like at inRange and what makes their all-star culture unique.

Q: Tell us about your career at inRange.

Stephanie: I started at inRange in 2017 as a project coordinator. Over the last few years, I’ve embarked on a journey of growth. I quickly moved out of my role on projects and started diving into new tasks around the office. I became a ‘jack of all trades’—I started managing the office environment, led an office remodel and move, and coordinated HR tasks. This summer, I moved into marketing and sales.

Q: What makes inRange’s company culture stand out from other companies you’ve worked at?

Stephanie: From the onset, inRange valued family and work life balance. These pillars are what created the business. Ever since then, we’ve continued to grow on a foundation of support and care. Our teams are interconnected—we know each other’s families, we enjoy having lunches together, and we see each other outside of work. While this mindset has evolved as we have grown as a company, this foundation of care and support still rings true in how we collaborate and get work done.

inRange’s culture of care is also evident in how we support our employees. Time and time again I’ve seen our teams hire young employees who come from backgrounds outside of the telecommunications industry. While some companies may consider that to be a risk, our belief  in finding the right person for the job transcends  beyond a specific career path. We’re not afraid to ‘take a risk’ on people who have different backgrounds or experiences, and are willing to put in the effort to help them grow and learn with us. 

Q: What do you like about working for inRange?

Stephanie: The leadership team has made an effort to invest in our people. Personally, I have been given so many growth opportunities at inRange—opportunities that I never had working at a larger company. I was allowed to dip my toes into many different departments and learn so many new things with support from all of the leaders.

In addition, this past year we brought in Sarah Karaces as our new corporate trainer. Her role at inRange is to develop an equitable structure for training and development while helping each of our employees define their career path. Her goal is to create more transparency between all of our teams. Sarah has been such a great addition to our company as we continue to hire new people, in new cities, across the nation.

Q: What skills, mindsets, or type of people will thrive at inRange?

Stephanie: Our company has the vibe of a start-up backed by the 10+ year history of an established business. Over my time with the teams, I’ve noticed that the most successful employees at inRange are self-starters with a similar entrepreneurial mentality. They’re curious. They love taking on new challenges and learning new things. They’re willing to lend a hand and roll up their sleeves to get the job done.

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