If Permitting Is Keeping You from Getting On-Air Faster, Read This

Stephanie Sanczyk
May 18, 2021

From small cell installations to site modifications to completely new builds, many telecommunications projects require permits. The permitting process can be slow and frustrating for telecoms project managers who want to move fast to meet goals and delight customers. 

3 Common Issues with the Permitting Process

The permitting process is about to get a lot better. Before we dig into why, let’s look at the current state of permitting. 

1. Lack of a standardized, tech-powered approach to permitting

Permitting-as-a-practice hasn’t modernized the way one might expect. Most permitting firms have not thought about or invested in technology to help assemble and standardize materials so multiple submittals can be approved at once. Nor are they providing their customers with always-on visibility into the status of their applications. 

2. You’re just another permit

If your projects have tight deadlines and multiple aspects to your build, you likely depend on external permit expediters to file and get your permits approved. However, because there are very few telecom-experienced permit expediters, your project is just one of many. That’s why many telecom companies see their permitting projects linger for days on end without any idea why. 

3. Municipalities change their requirements a lot

Experience with the permitting process, a successful track record in getting permits approved, and staying on top of the local rules are critical to a successful project. That’s why you need a team who can meet your deadlines and know the rules and regulations; FDNY, DOB, local/state jurisdictions and more.

inRange has launched a comprehensive permit expediting service. We offer turnkey in-house permit management, engineering, and design-expediting solutions as one seamless process for you. Our approach to program management combines process, people, and a technology platform. Our experts focus on your toughest challenges, while the rest of the team keeps everything else moving forward. Our team stays ahead of changing municipal requirements and provides full transparency on dates and project status, so you always know where your project stands. Welcome to a new era of permitting. 

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