CONNECT(X) Panel Reveals Wireless Association Priorities

Stephanie Sanczyk
November 1, 2021

The annual ConnectX conference took place in early October. From the regulatory climate to wireless association news and priorities, this panel of wireless executives covered it all. 

On the final day of the conference, inRange Chief Growth Officer Tom Marciano moderated a panel that included three other wireless association executives. The panel included:

  • Dominic Villecco, president of New Jersey Wireless Association (NJWA) and CEO of Vcomm
  • Barbara Burba, president of the Pennsylvania Wireless Association (PWA) and CEO of Amerisite Wireless Development
  • David Bronston, board member of the NYSWA and partner at Phillips Lytle

The group shared some of the important topics that members were discussing in their local state wireless associations. They covered a range of topics—from the current regulatory climate to broadband dollars in different states.

Further, all three executives make education and advocacy a primary focus. They take the lead at the local level to raise awareness with government officials about issues that affect telecommunications, such as the 911 fee diversion in New Jersey and broadband/cellular coverage in New York. 

These wireless associations not only advocate for change, but they also provide excellent networking for their members. For information about them, visit their websites:

Interested in learning more? You can watch the entire presentation here.

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